Homeless Florida Woman Arrested, Charged With Arson After She Squirted Lighter Fluid Into Ex-boyfriend’s Home And Lit It With A Torch

A homeless Florida woman in Inverness was arrested and charged with arson after law enforcement officials said she squirted lighter fluid into the home of her ex-boyfriend and lit it with a torch while he was still inside.

The events leading up to the arrest of 36-year-old Mishauna Danielle Campbell began when a Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputy was called to a Wilson Street residence in Inverness about an arson complaint.

The deputy reported that when he arrived at the home he could smell a strong odor of lighter fluid typically used to start grill fires, according to arrest documents.

The deputy also reported seeing a burned area just inside the home about two and a half feet across, according to the report.

While clearing the home of people, the deputy again reported the strong odor of the lighter fluid and saw doused areas in the living room, kitchen, and hallway, according to the report, as well as smoke still lingering in the residence.

A female witness told the arresting deputy that she and the male witness, who was the ex-boyfriend of Campbell, had come home and that Campbell followed them, according to the report.

The woman told the deputy that she then saw Campbell and the male witness inside the home arguing and then Campbell coming out carrying a large red bottle of lighter fluid, turn and squirting some of the fluid into the home, and then lighting it with a pink butane torch, according to the report.

The female witness told the deputy that she watched the male run out of the house past the fire.

The deputy reported then talking with the male witness who told a similar account of events, adding that Campbell got into the home using a rear window, according to the report.

He told the deputy he entered through the front door and the two started arguing. The deputy reported that the male witness told him Campbell squirted lighter fluid from a large red bottle into the living room, kitchen, and hallway and near the front door before lighting the front door area with an orange or pink, butane torch, according to the report.

The deputy reported that on the following day he and another deputy met with Campbell at the Lowes hardware store in Inverness and she admitted to following the witnesses home and entering the house and getting into an argument with the male witness, but denied having anything to do with setting a fire, according to the report.

The arresting deputy said while interviewing Campbell he could smell lighter fluid on her. According to the report, Campbell gave the deputy permission to search her car and in plain sight on the dash he saw an orange torch lighter. The deputy also reported finding a red bandana and yellow Dollar General shopping bag, both smelling of lighter fluid, according to the report.

The materials were taken into evidence and the deputy arrested Campbell and charged her with arson of a dwelling.

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