78-Year-Old Florida Woman Arrested On Grand Theft Charges, Said She Committed The Robbery Because She Was High From Marijuana

A 78-year-old Florida woman who was arrested on grand theft charges told South Florida police the reason she committed the robbery was because she was under the influence of marijuana.

Police arrested Susan Stone at the Town Center in Boca Raton after Stone allegedly stole from the Boca Raton Saks Fifth Avenue store.

According to police, the store’s loss prevention staff reported that Stone concealed clothing inside her purse and went into the bathroom.

Employees reported finding price tags in the trash, totaling over $1,000 in stolen merchandise.

When questioned by police, Stone allegedly told the officer she didn’t realize what she was doing because she was under the influence of her prescribed marijuana.

Stone was booked into the Palm Beach County jail and has been released.

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