Florida Woman, Working As A Supervisor, Arrested Accused Of Having An Inappropriate Relationship A 16-Year-Old

A Florida woman was arrested accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a teen girl while working at Florida Youth Challenge Academy at Camp Blanding.

Libby Chrome is charged with “an authority figure soliciting or engaging in lewd conduct with a minor”.

According to an arrest warrant for Libby Chrome – we’re learning she is 27-years-old and the teenager was 16-years-old.

It says the romantic relationship began in March of this year while the teen was at the academy.

Chrome worked at Florida Youth Challenge Academy, also known as FLYCA, as a supervisor or a cadre of cadets. It’s a place where troubled teens go to get their lives back on track.

According to the arrest affidavit in March of 2022, Chrome took advantage of at least one 16-year-old girl at the academy and the relationship continued after the teen graduated. The Clay County Sheriffs Office was alerted in April 2022 of the allegations.

Documents show investigators talked to the 16-year-old, and they read her phone messages, emails and even a love note between her and Chrome.

An investigator for the case wrote: “the defendant had a relationship of a romantic nature with a student/victim while being in a position of authority.”

Records show Chrome has been in a position of power before, working as a corrections officer in another county.

The academy has acknowledged the investigation before but is limited to what can be said until the investigation is over.

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