Florida Woman Arrested For DUI After Sniffing Deodorant Spray

A Florida woman is facing DUI charges after deputies found her with a car full of cans of Right Guard deodorant spray, her speech slurred, and bloodshot and watery eyes.

According to an arrest report from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, 31-year-old Katherine Rosaline Theodore was pulled over in Stuart on Southeast Federal Highway and Southeast Carroll Street for a traffic stop.

The sheriff’s office said when the deputy asked Theodore to exit the car, he saw her reaching down as if to “conceal something.”

When she did get out of the vehicle, the deputy saw two spray cans of Right Guard deodorant on the floor of the driver’s seat area. There were also cans on the passenger’s side floor and the deputy said there was a strong smell of the deodorant coming from Theodore’s “person.”

Huffing is defined as the practice of inhaling toxic fumes from glue and other household products for their intoxicating effects.

The deputy said that because of his training and experience, along with seeing the cans and smelling the odor, he suspected that Theodore was huffing the spray.

He said the driver’s speech was slurred and mumbled and that she was swaying during sobriety exercises.

After several tests, the deputy determined Theodore was unable to “safely operate a motor vehicle.”

Inside the car, deputies found multiple spray cans of Right Guard and the car had a very strong odor from the spray cans, according to the report.

Theodore was arrested for DUI on March 6th. After being transported for questioning, Theodore also told deputies that she had consumed a few drinks. She also admitted to huffing. “I asked her if she huffed today and she said yes,” the deputy’s report stated.

Before being transported, the deputy contacted fire rescue to come to the scene and examine the driver.

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