Florida Woman Arrested For Allegedly Throwing Her Boyfriend’s 3-Year-Old Pug Off Of 7th-Floor Apartment Balcony, Killing The Dog

A Florida woman was arrested for allegedly throwing her boyfriend’s 3-year-old pug off of a 7th-floor apartment balcony, killing the dog.

Shelley Nicole Vaughn, 46, is facing charges of animal cruelty, battery, and criminal mischief.

Vaughn’s boyfriend, Eric Adeson, called Clearwater police after he said Vaughn threw his pug, named Bucky, off of his balcony during an argument. Adeson said he had been dating Vaughn for several months.

Vaughn allegedly tossed the man’s cell phone and keys off the balcony and hit him before throwing the dog from the balcony.

Bucky was found dead on the pavement below, Clearwater police said.

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