Florida Woman Arrested After She Allegedly Stripped Naked At A Bar After Being Refused Service For Being Too Intoxicated

A Florida woman, who is a lawyer, was arrested after she allegedly stripped naked at a bar after being refused service for being too intoxicated.

49-year-old Kelly Elkins was booked into the Pinellas County jail on a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct. However, authorities released her just hours later on her own recognizance. This was reportedly the second time she was jailed that week.

An arrest affidavit claimed that Elkins showed up at the Lounge Bar in St Petersburg just after 2:15 am. However, the bar manager refused to serve her, claiming she was already too drunk. “Defendant walked into the restroom and then came back out into the bar unclothed and completely naked,” the complaint stated. When the manager asked her to put her clothes on and leave the bar, she refused. The manager then called the sheriff’s office.

She “had to be told several times to get dressed, at which time she only put a zip up hoodie on and did not zip the shirt up,” the deputy wrote in the complaint. Elkins allegedly also said that she was “too tired” to put her pants back on. She refused to answer any questions on why she stripped at the bar.

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