Florida Woman Arrested Accused Of Insurance Fraud Nearly Two Years After Providing False Documents Showing She Sold Insurance Policies

A Florida woman was arrested and accused of insurance fraud nearly two years after providing false documents showing she sold insurance policies.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said 37-year-old Shawanna Williams was arrested on February 11 after she provided documents showing that that she sold 746 Aflac policies to 192 employees from 14 companies. In the affidavit, it says all of those documents were fraudulent.

It said most of the companies don’t have employees, and some of the individuals listed as company owners didn’t even have companies in their name. It also said she filed insurance for dead people and insurance for employees that turned out to be family members.

The affidavit mentioned that Williams also received an additional $3,000 for these contests.

This is a first degree felony and punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

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