Florida Woman, Driving With Revoked License, Arrested For DUI After Crashing Her Car Into An Electric Pole

A Florida woman was arrested after crashing her car into an electric pole near Palm Plaza.

Two Leesburg police officers were parked at the Palm Plaza in their patrol cars when they heard a loud crash consistent with a traffic crash. When the officers drove out of the parking lot they observed an electric pole laying across the southbound lane of 14th Street. One officer stopped at the pole and the other followed a Ford mustang which had damage to its front fender and had a flat front tire. The officer was able to stop the Mustang in a Dairy Queen restaurant parking lot.

When he asked the driver of the Mustang for her license, she provided the officer with a Florida ID card which identified her as 39-year-old Katrina Nicole Williamson of Leesburg. She told the officer that she did not have a driver’s license as it was revoked for a driving under the influence conviction in her home state of West Virginia. The officer placed her under arrest for driving while revoked for a DUI.

While searching the car, they found an open container of Jack Daniels. In the back seat they located a backpack which contained Williamson’s wallet, a pipe used to ingest drugs, and a white crystalline substance which tested as methamphetamine. Also found in the backpack were pill containers which contained morphine and oxycodone. She was taken to the Lake County Jail after processing at the Leesburg Police Station.

She has been charged with driving after a revocation of her driver’s license, three counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia as well as violations of her probation. No bond has been set due to her probation violation.

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