Florida Woman Arrested For Allegedly Punching Her Sister In The Face Before Pushing Her Out Of A Moving Pickup Truck

A 59-year-old Florida woman, arguing with her sister, allegedly punched the 56-year-old in the face before pushing her out of a moving pickup truck in Tavernier.

A motorist driving in the area of Mile Marker 90 on around 2 p.m. told police they saw a woman fall out of truck.

Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the area and located the victim who said she had been arguing with her sister, identified as Rita Donna Price, and had asked her to stop the pickup truck so she could get out.

The victim said Price slowed the Toyota Tacoma she was driving, punched her in the face then pushed her out of the still-moving vehicle.

Staff at Mariners Hospital where the victim was treated told investigators that the cuts and bruises on the victim were consistent with falling from a moving vehicle. The witness corroborated the victim’s version of the events.

Price, whose occupation is listed as disabled, was located at her home in Islamorada and was arrested on a misdemeanor county of battery.

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