Two Florida Women Arrested After Police Were Called To A Child-Exchange Brawl

Two Florida women were arrested after law enforcement officers were called to a child-exchange brawl.

The father of the minor children and a friend drove to the Harris Drive residence of 37-year-old Sarah Kinsley Lee Mann.

When the men arrived at the residence, Mann ran up to their pickup truck and smashed the windshield with a tree branch, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

When the man got out of the truck, witnesses said that Mann struck him several times in the face with her fists as she did not want him to take the children. The father’s friend tried to separate the two, however the friend was attacked by Mann’s friend, 31-year-old Rebecca Bruner, who repeatedly struck him in the face and body with her fists.

The brawl ended when a neighbor came out of his house and announced he was calling the police, according to the arrest report.

Deputies arrived at the scene and interviewed both men and two juvenile witnesses. The witnesses, as well as the victims, indicated the two women were the aggressors. Both men had marks on their faces which indicated they had been struck, according to the arrest report. Both women were transported to the Lake County Jail.

Bruner was charged with felony battery and violation of probation. She was booked without bond. Mann was charged with domestic battery and criminal damage to property with bond set at $2,500, which she posted later that day.

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