Florida Woman Arrested Suspected Of Shooting And Killing Her Boyfriend

A 26-year-old Florida woman was arrested and is suspected of shooting and killing her boyfriend near Sanford, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Natalia Marie Fulton faces a manslaughter charge, according to an SCSO arrest report.

Deputies received a call around 1:30 a.m. about shots fired near the 2000 block of Muddy Lane, said SCSO spokeswoman Kim Cannaday.

Deputies arrived and found a man dead in the road, Cannaday said. Investigators learned from witnesses that an argument could be heard on the road between Aaron Payne and Fulton, the arrest report showed. Witnesses heard a gunshot and described seeing Fulton kneeling next to Payne and “rummaging through the bags next to him.” Then, Fulton ran away.

At 9:50 p.m., Fulton was seen walking near Kings Road and Sipes Avenue, where deputies later took her into custody. During an interrogation, Fulton admitted she had verbally sparred with Payne because he was trying to leave with some of her belongings.

Fulton told deputies she tried to get Payne to stay and talk about their relationship, but Payne refused and rammed his bicycle into her.

While attempting to stop him, Fulton grabbed a bag off of Payne’s shoulder, which fell to the ground. Fulton then picked up what she thought was a BB gun and pointed it at Payne. Fulton later told deputies she realized the weight was consistent with a real gun but didn’t stop pointing the weapon because she wanted to scare Payne.

Payne moved his bike toward Fulton, causing her to fire at him.

Fulton told deputies she checked on him and saw the wound in his neck. Overcome with fear, Fulton took the weapon and took off, according to the report.

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