Florida Woman Arrested After A 4-Year-Old Girl, She Was Babysitting, Reportedly Found Alone Playing At A Playground

Boynton Beach police arrested a Florida woman after a 4-year-old girl was reportedly found alone playing at a playground.

Wendy Coupet, 29, is accused of leaving the 4-year-old girl unattended at Kapok Park, when she was supposed to be baby-sitting the child, according to a police affidavit.

Boynton Beach Police found the 4-year-old after a couple reported the girl was playing alone at the park, with no parent or guardian in site.

The mother of the child told police, Coupet is a family friend who takes care of her daughter when she has to work. She said she dropped her daughter off at Coupet’s house and started receiving calls from family and friends that her daughter had been located.

The child’s mother tried reaching Coupet by phone but to no avail.

Police later arrested Coupet during a traffic stop and charged her with child neglect. She is being held at Palm Beach County Jail.

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