Florida Woman Arrested After Cashing Several Forged Payroll Checks At Gas Station

A 40-year-old Florida woman was arrested after cashing several forged payroll checks at a gas station in Ocala.

On December 13, an Ocala Police Department detective arrived at a gas station on E State Road 40 in response to two forged checks.

The victim told the detective that on November 5, Georgianna Lang Antich cashed a check in the amount of $303.21 that was payable to her and drawn on a Regions Bank account.

The business name listed on the check was Hamlet Construction.

According to the victim, the check was eventually returned because the account number listed on the check could not be located.

The detective called Hamlet Construction and was advised by a female that the company was bought out in February of 2019 and now operates under the name of Miller Pipeline. According to the female, all financial accounts associated with Hamlet Construction were closed or renamed, and she did not recognize Antich as being an employee.

Antich had returned to the same gas station on December 8, and she cashed a second check that was payable to her in the amount of $769.97. The check was from a company called FastTrack Staffing and was drawn on a Regions Bank account.

After cashing the check, Antich used the funds to purchase several money orders.

Later that evening, the victim attempted to deposit the check into a business account and it was rejected. The victim recognized Antich’s name from the previous incident in November, and the victim placed a call to cancel the money orders that were sold to her.

According to the OPD report, the detective reviewed store surveillance during the December 8 transaction and observed Antich cashing the check and purchasing the money orders with those funds.

At the time of both incidents, Antich was out on bond for three separate Marion County criminal cases involving forgery.

Antich was arrested on December 14 and transported to Marion County Jail. She is currently being held without bond and is facing felony charges for forgery, grand theft, and petit theft.

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