Florida Woman Arrested After Agents Found 5,400 Grams Of Meth Inside Her Vehicle With Her 2 Year Old Child Also Inside, During Traffic Stop

A 32-year-old Florida woman was arrested after agents found nearly 5,400 grams of methamphetamine inside her vehicle during an investigative traffic stop.

On December 13, members of the Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team (UDEST) stopped a Chevrolet sports utility vehicle near the 18900 block of U.S. Highway 301 on suspicions that the driver was carrying illegal drugs.

UDEST agents had received information earlier in the day from a confidential source that stated the driver, Vanessa Amanda Green, would be entering Marion County with a package containing drugs.

Agents approached the vehicle and noticed that her two-year-old child was also inside.

According to the UDEST report, a long and rectangular box was visible inside the vehicle, and it extended from the rear trunk compartment past the rear passenger seat on the driver’s side.

A portion of the box was resting next to the child who was sitting in the rear right passenger seat. The box was partially covered by a blue blanket.

A K-9 agent conducted an open-air sniff test of the vehicle, and the agent gave a positive alert for the presence of narcotics.

A UDEST agent conducted a search of the vehicle and located two cellphones, documents with Green’s name on them, the long box in the rear of the vehicle, and a purse containing cash.

Inside the box, the agent discovered four tightly wrapped plastic bags full of a crystal-like substance that field-tested positive for methamphetamine. The bags weighed nearly 5,400 grams.

The Department of Children and Families and the Ocala Police Department were contacted, and custody of Green’s child was eventually relinquished to the child’s father.

Green was arrested and transported to Marion County Jail where she is currently being held on $309,000 bond. She is facing multiple felony charges for drug trafficking and child abuse.

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