Florida Woman Jailed For Child Neglect After Locking Child In Closet While Being Handcuffed For 25 Days

A Florida woman is in jail on $50,000 bond after police say she neglected a child. Alexandra Ebey, 37, is charged with willful child neglect causing great bodily harm.

According to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office incident report, the Department of Children and Families had an open case against the suspect.

DCF became concerned for the child fearing she might be dead after counselors couldn’t locate her. Ebey told DCF investigators that the child was with her grandparents, but when the grandparents were called, they said they haven’t seen the child in months.

When DCF officials arrived at the home Dec. 14, they told police Ebey reluctantly allowed them to see the child.

Ebey told DCF the injuries were caused when the child played “cowboys and Indians.”

Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department were called and advised that the child’s wounds were “festering and was obvious that no attempt to render aid was attempted,” the report states.

The child was taken to Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital. There, she told investigators that she was locked in a closet while being handcuffed for 25 days, the report states. She also said she was tied down with a belt and a rope while having to use the bathroom in a bucket that was kept in the same room.

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