Florida Woman Arrested After Selling Several Stolen Chainsaws To Pawn Shops

A 35-year-old Florida woman was arrested after she sold several stolen chainsaws to local pawn shops.

On November 29, a Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to Pride Tree Service located at 4401 SE 79th Street in Ocala in reference to equipment theft.

The male victim advised that over the past several weeks, numerous pieces of equipment had gone missing including an edger, weed eater, hedger, and several chainsaws.

The victim suspected that two of his employees had taken the equipment. The deputy gathered the serial numbers for the missing items and searched pawn shops in the area.

At Value Pawn located at 315 S Pine Avenue, one of the missing items was located with a match of the serial number.

According to the pawn shop’s records, Jodie Lynn Hader had pawned a chainsaw on September 7 and received $100 for the transaction.

She was seen on video conducting the transaction with a male who appeared, according to the MCSO report, to be one of the men that the victim suspected.

On November 6, Hader pawned another chainsaw at Shores Pawn and Jewelry located at 7073 SE Maricamp Road and received $150 from the pawn shop.

An MCSO detective spoke with the victim on December 7, and he confirmed that the pawned items should have been in his possession and not pawned nor given to Hader for personal use. According to the victim, the chainsaws are used by the store until they are no longer operational, and then they are discarded or sold for parts.

On December 9, an MCSO sergeant spoke with Hader. She advised that she had stopped dating the man that was seen with her on the store surveillance footage back in August or September.

According to Hader, the man had asked her to pawn both chainsaws because he could not make it to the bank. She told the sergeant that she assumed the items belonged to him.

On the paperwork at both pawn shops, she had signed an acknowledgment that she was the seller and the property belonged to her. When asked why the man did not sell the chainsaws since he was there with her during both transactions, she was unable to give an explanation.

Hader was arrested and transported to Marion County Jail and was later released on her own recognizance.

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