Florida Woman Arrested Accused Of Cutting Down City Christmas Tree Lights

A Florida woman is accused of cutting down Christmas tree lights in downtown Delray Beach.

Police arrested 41-year-old Rosenie Cinada on charges of criminal mischief and battery on a law enforcement officer.

According to the arrest report, two officers saw Cinada using a knife to cut strands of lights from several poles along W. Atlantic Avenue near SW 5th Avenue. When the officers arrived, police said the woman hid the knife in her pants and walked toward them. Officers ordered her to put down the knife and stop, which she disobeyed.

Both officers used their Taser guns to get her to the ground and into handcuffs, the report said.

Police said Cinada cut the lights on at least seven poles in the area. The lights belonged to the Delray Beach Downtown Development Agency and cost about $225 apiece.

At Delray Medical Center, police said Cinada kicked a CSI tech in the face for taking pictures of her.

Cinada is out on bond, according to jail records.

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