Florida Woman Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Nearly $5K From Someone Who Used To Rent A Room From Her To Pay Her Phone And Electric Bills

A Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly stole nearly $5,000 from someone who used to rent a room from her.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office says 61-year-old Brianna Craig of Naples used her former roommate’s bank account information to pay for her phone and electric bills.

Investigators say the victim was a man who used to rent a room from Craig’s Bamboo Drive home. The man lived there from early 2018, but moved out in November 2019.

The investigation began two years later in August 2021, when the man checked over bank statements for an account that held a $20,000 inheritance he received when his mother passed away.

He notices recurring payments were being made to Metro PCS and Florida Power and Light.

The victim told deputies he thinks Craig got his bank account information from his mail.

Subpoenas files by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office linked the Metro PCS account to a phone in the name of Brianna Craig. Detectives were able to also link the FPL payments to Craig’s address.

The payments for both accounts started after the victim moved out. A police report says FPL received $3,964.34 from the victim’s account and Metro PCS received $854.

Craig admitted she spent fraudulently spend $4,818.34 from the victim’s account and was arrested.

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