60-Year-Old Florida Woman Arrested After Making Written Threats To Buy A Gun And Shoot One Of Her Neighbors

A 60-year-old Florida woman was arrested after making written threats to buy a gun and shoot one of her neighbors.

A Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to a neighborhood clubhouse located on SW 88th Terrace in Ocala in reference to a written threat.

The deputy met a property manager who stated that one of the residents, Alicia Ransdell, had dropped a letter off at the clubhouse that detailed an alleged incident with a neighbor trespassing on her property.

The property manager had a file full of letters that were all written by Ransdell regarding issues between her and other neighbors.

In the handwritten note from Ransdell, she alleged that a neighbor walked along the property lines between their residences and trespassed on her property.

Ransdell then stated in the letter that, “I’m buying a gun and shooting her (expletive) if she does it again. I can evoke ‘stand your ground’ law.”

The deputy spoke with the victim over the phone. There was an argument between the victim and Ransdell that occurred around December of 2020 and the victim claimed to have not spoken to her since then.

The victim stated that all contact with Ransdell was avoided, and the victim denied walking on her property. The MCSO report indicated that the victim was fearful of Ransdell and believed that she may carry out the written threat.

The deputy met with Ransdell at her residence. Ransdell spoke about numerous issues with her neighbors.

When asked about the alleged trespassing incident, Ransdell stated that the victim frequently walked onto her property to head to a different neighbor’s house. She admitted that the victim had never made any threats toward her, and the victim also had never tried to enter her residence.

Ransdell confirmed that she had not had any direct contact with the neighbor since around September of 2020.

She denied owning a gun. After a search of the residence, the deputy did not find any indication that she owned one.

Ransdell was arrested and transported to Marion County Jail where she is currently being held on $5,000 bond. She faces a felony charge for making written threats to kill or injured.

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