Florida Woman Arrested For Peforming Oral Sex In Back Of Patrol Car

According to Florida Highway Patrol, troopers pulled over a black BMW because of a ‘seize tag order’ on the car’s license plate.

Troopers say the driver, Yorban Alberto Noa, 24, and passenger Summer Joy Watkins, 24, were to be escorted to a local gas station to make travel arrangements, as the BMW needed to be towed because of the order on the plate.

Troopers say that both parties were searched before being placed into the patrol car.

Watkins entered the patrol car first and yelled to her boyfriend, “Baby, we should record an OnlyFans video back here.” As Noa was being placed into the patrol car, Watkins and asked the Trooper, “What if I suck his d**k back here?”.

The Trooper advised Watkins that she cant’ do that and he was doing them a favor by taking them in the same patrol car to the service station.

As the Trooper closed the door to the car and began to walk away, Nao unzipped his pants and Watkins began to perform oral sex on Nao, according to investigators.

Troopers say that Watkins can be heard on video saying “F*ck Five-O” and Nao recording the event saying, “Can y’all hear me? She’s sucking my d**k in the back of a State Trooper right now.”

Nao was removed from the patrol car and arrested for possession of a controlled substance that was found in the BMW.

Troopers transported Watkins to a local Shell station to arrange for transportation home.

After Watkins was dropped off, the Trooper began to check the video footage from inside the patrol car and that’s when he saw the escapade.

“I began to drive back to the Shell gas station where I had dropped off the defendant,” said FHP Trooper Perez-Morales. “At approximately 3:19 am, the defendant (Watkins) was arrested for Lewd and Lascivious Behavior/ Breach of Peace, and placed in the rear of my patrol car.”

Both Nao and Watkins were delivered to the Collier County Jail by troopers, in different cars.

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