Florida Woman Arrested After Doctors Discovered Her Child Had Fractured Skull And Leg

A Florida woman has been arrested after doctors discovered her child had a fractured skull on Sept. 7.

Haley Biggs, 24, is charged with aggravated child abuse.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a hospital where medical staff told them the child, whose age is unknown, had a soft spot on the left side of his head behind his ear. A CT scan confirmed that the child had a fractured skull, according to deputies.

The spot on the child’s head was discovered after a witness found him strapped into his stroller, only wearing a diaper and he appeared to be covered in peanut butter. The witness decided to take the child inside and bathe him when she noticed a soft spot on his head. The witness then said the child needed to go to the hospital.

The doctor examining the child told deputies that the severity of the injury was not consistent with Biggs’ story. The doctor said the child’s injuries were done by force. If the child fell and hit his head on concrete, it wouldn’t have caused the fracture that he had.

Medical staff also determined the child’s leg was fractured as well.

Deputies said Biggs changed her story about what happened several times.

Biggs also said in front of hospital staff that she was doing meth, according to the report.

Biggs is currently in the Santa Rosa County Jail with a $25,000 bond.

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