Florida Woman Arrested For Allegedly Hitting Child Multiple Times And Leaving Them At An Acquaintance’s House

A Florida woman was charged with cruelty towards a child after she allegedly hit a child multiple times with visible injuries and left them at an acquaintance’s house.

Alexis Pineda, 36, became upset when she came home from work and the child allegedly left the door open, according to deputies.

A verbal argument turned into a physical altercation as Pineda started to hit the child and left marks on their face, hands, and ear, according to an arrest report.

The child told deputies that Pineda smokes marijuana and provides him some to smoke with her, according to an arrest report.

Deputies observed the child and found a small red mark under their left eye, and dried blood from an injury to his left ear. The child refused medical treatment.

Pineda told deputies that she had also been hurt but also refused medical attention, according to deputies. Deputies did not see any physical injuries to Pineda.

Deputies determined Pineda to be the primary aggressor, according to an arrest report.

Pineda was booked into Escambia County Jail and being held on $5,000 bond.

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