Florida Woman Arrested After Allegedly Hitting Her Roommate With Metal Baseball Bat

A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly hitting her roommate with a metal baseball bat.

The woman who had been hit was able to get away from her bat-wielding roommate and called 911.

When a Lake County sheriff’s deputy arrived at the residence on Lake Bradley Drive, he met with the victim. The deputy observed a laceration and indentation on the right front of her forehead. She told the deputy that she was sleeping in her room when she heard her roommate, 30-year-old Lhea Clough, screaming in the house. She got out of bed and let her dog outside. She said when she turned around to go back in the house Clough was blocking the doorway and would not let her back into the residence. When she tried to push her way back in, Clough began swinging the bat and hit her on the head. The victim ran across the street and called for law enforcement.

Clough admitted to blocking the doorway, but told the deputy that her roommate hit her first in the face and that as they wrestled she accidentally struck the other woman with the bat. The deputy noted that Clough had no marks on her face although she claimed she’d been struck by her roommate.

Clough was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery. She was booked at the Lake County Jail where she was being held without bond, due to this arrest being considered a violation of her probation.

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