Florida Woman, Working As Behavioral Counselor, Arrested For Having Sex With Student

A Florida woman has been arrested for lewd and lascivious assault and battery on a minor under the age of 18 but over 12, according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Kelley Mosley, 50, met and began sex with a young victim while she was a behavioral counselor for Franklin County schools, FCSO said.

According to the press release, Mosley was fired from school, but the relationship continued. Neither the suspect nor the underage victim confessed to a relationship, nor was there sufficient evidence for an arrest at the time.

On September 28, a recent former Mosley employer shared a text with investigators he received from Mosley admitting to having had sex with a minor and that she was going to surrender. Hours later, Mosley walked into FDLE and confessed to having had sex multiple times with the victim.

After Mosley voluntarily handed over her cell phone, investigators discovered that she had sent graphic photos to the minor.

Mosley gave investigators a statement admitting to having sex and sexting according to the press release.

The pending charges for the sexting issue will be handled by FDLE upon return of search warrants with social media apps.

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