Florida Woman Arrested After Allegedly Causing Accident While Driving Under The Influence,Yelling Racial Slurs At Everyone On Scene, Kicking And Biting Officers

A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly causing an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol, yelling racial slurs at everyone on the scene, and kicking and biting Ocala Police Department officers.

Multiple officers with the Ocala Police Department responded to calls about an accident at the intersection of SR 200 and SW 48th Avenue. According to the OPD report, the driver responsible for the accident was suspected of being under the influence of alcohol.

Upon arrival, officers noted two vehicles involved in the accident, a grey Mercedes and a black Toyota RAV4. Both had sustained damage to their front ends.

The RAV4 was being driven by 35-year-old Alexandra Holden.

According to the report, before the accident occurred, another call was received about a traffic violation by a vehicle matching Harden’s RAV4.

During the ensuing crash investigation, officers say Holden had glassy eyes and smelled of alcohol. They found multiple Budweiser beer cans, an empty wine bottle, and an empty vodka bottle inside of her vehicle and trunk.

When questioned where she was coming from, Holden stated she had just left a polo game. When asked about her alcohol consumption, Holden stated that she had consumed one glass of wine and regularly consumes two glasses of wine a week while cooking.

During the interview, Holden continually made racially insensitive comments towards the driver of the other vehicle, as well as the officers on the scene, according to the report.

Holden eventually agreed to a field sobriety test and, after passing and failing different portions, officers determined she was not being truthful about her alcohol consumption for the evening. Holden was told she would be placed under arrest.

Holden asked if she could make arrangements for her dogs, who were in the backseat of the RAV4, but was unable to reach any neighbors or her father, who lives out of state.

She then asked officers if they would “shoot” her if she ran away. When they told her they would not, she stated “I’mma run away then,” before she took two-steps and was immediately detained.

Officers began to place Holden in the back of a patrol vehicle before she allegedly kicked one of the officers, made multiple threats, screamed racial slurs, and bit another officer on the arm.

The officer that was bitten was treated by EMS on the scene.

Holden was transported to AdventHealth so that she could receive medical clearance before being taken to the Marion County Jail. While at AdventHealth, Holden was uncooperative and combative towards health care workers and officers, according to the report.

Holden faces multiple charges including driving under the influence, battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting arrest with violence. Her bond was set at $17,000 and she was released after posting bail.

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