Florida Woman Accused Of Breaking Mom’s Nose Over Broken A/C

A Florida woman arguing over a broken air conditioner allegedly led to a broken nose in West Boca Raton’s Century Village. Now, 46 year old Katrina Blumenfeld is charged with “battery on a person 65 years of age or older.”

This is the narrative from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office:

“The complainant [redacted] reported to PBSO dispatch that her daughter, Katrin Blumenfeld spit on her face and broke her nose. Upon arrival I met with [redacted], who stated the following. [Redacted] stated this morning she was sleeping in her bed and her daughter entered her room and woke her up.”

“[Redacted] claimed that Katrin began to argue with her in reference to the air conditioner not working and the argument began to escalate. [Redacted] stated she asked Katrin to leave her alone and [redacted] claims that Katrin then spit on her face and punched her nose. [Redacted] stated she was able to separate herself from Katrin and she applied ice to her facial area and called 911 to report the incident.”

“[Redacted]showed me where she claims Katrin struck her and I observed a red abrasion on the left side of her nose. Katrin refused to be evaluated by fire rescue or be transported to the hospital. Katrin completed a sworn written statement and she is willing to testify in court and prosecute. I then spoke with Katrin, in regards to the incident, she stated the following. Katrin claims that she and her mother began to argue this morning and Katrin claims her mother spit towards her. Katrin stated she then swung her hand towards her mother’s face and struck her. Katrin did not make any claim of injury and no injuries were observed.”

Katrin Blumenfeld was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail and later released on her own recognizance. 

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