Florida Woman Arrested After Claims She Slapped, Punched Woman When Corrected Of The Pronunciation Of Victim’s Deceased Son’s Name

A Florida woman was arrested after a victim claims she slapped her in the face multiple times when the victim corrected the woman’s pronunciation of the victim’s deceased son’s name.

A Marion County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a call in reference to a domestic disturbance.

The defendant, 45-year-old Angela Macedo, reported she and the victim engaged in a physical altercation during an argument over Macedo mispronouncing a name. Macedo claims during the argument the victim smacked her in the face two times, so she smacked the victim in the face and punched her in the face, according to the sheriff’s report.

The victim claims Macedo referred to the victim’s deceased son by the wrong name and when the victim corrected her, Macedo became aggressive. The victim claims Macedo then slapped her five times and punched her in the face, according to the report.

The deputy observed no injuries to Macedo but observed injuries to the victim’s face, the report states.

Macedo was arrested and transported to the Marion County Jail with a bond set at $1,000. She is charged with simple domestic battery.

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