Florida Woman Arrested After Group Of Victims Claim She Attempted To Stab Them With A Razor

A Florida woman is currently behind bars after a group of victims claim she grabbed a razor and attempted to stab them with it.

On July 28, multiple Marion County Sheriff’s units responded to a home in reference to a domestic battery in progress. While in route, deputies were notified that 26-year-old Sheyenne Lindsey had grabbed a razor and was trying to stab people with it, according to the sheriff’s report.

The deputies found the first victim restraining Lindsey, keeping her from escaping or attacking any other residents. The deputies detained Lindsey and moved her to the patrol vehicle.

The victim says he and the other victims live with Lindsey and claims since Lindsey recently had a baby, she has been acting differently. The victim claims Lindsey got back from the hospital for back injuries and due to her behavior, they told her to go stay at the separate mini house on the property, according to the report.

The victim claims Lindsey refused to leave and another victim stood in front of the door. The victim claims Lindsey then grabbed the second victim and slammed her into the wall and hit her in the eye, according to the report.

The first victim advised he then grabbed Lindsey to try and restrain her and at some point, he claims Lindsey grabbed a razor from the bathroom and was making threatening movements as if she was going to cut or stab the second victim, according to the report.

The second victim says she informed Lindsey that she needed to go to The Centers or she would call the cops. The victim said Lindsey left, but later returned and began pushing and punching both her and the victim when they wouldn’t let her stay in a room, the report states.

The deputy observed redness on the second victim’s face and a large red line on her arm, the report states.

The third victim claims Lindsey punched her in the face and then picked up a razor. The third victim claims Lindsey tried to cut another victim’s arms and face, according to the report.

Lindsey claims earlier in the day a victim pushed her on the couch and took her to The Centers. She claims when she got home, they started attacking her for no reason and she hid in the bathroom for a while, fearing for her life. She claims they pushed the door open and she grabbed a razor to scare them away, according to the report.

Lindsey was arrested and transported to the Marion County Jail with a bond set at $5,000. She is charged with battery and aggravated assault. 

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