Florida Woman Charged With Child Abuse For Allegedly Beating 5-Year-Old Boy With Her Platform Stiletto Heel

A Florida woman has been charged with third degree felony child abuse for allegedly beating a 5-year-old boy with her platform stiletto heel.

Skye Gaines, 24, was arrested at 1:28 p.m. based on a warrant signed by Lake County Circuit Judge Metz.

Police had interviewed Gaines on July 20 at the Leesburg Police Department, 11 days after the victim’s male caregiver reported finding large pink and purple bruises extending from his shoulder blade to his lower back, which the boy indicated were caused by Gaines hitting him with her stiletto while he was in her custody.

Gaines initially told police she had spanked the boy on the buttocks with a foam flip-flop as punishment for repeatedly urinating in bed and on his clothes for the past three weeks, according to a court document. She added that he “bruised easily” and that the beating “wasn’t even that bad.”

Gaines eventually changed her story to acknowledge striking the boy on the back because his pants were wet with urine, police say. She added that she cried for several days after the boy’s male caregiver texted her pictures of the bruises.

Due to state law protecting the identity of child abuse victims, Lake County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. John Herrell could not confirm if Gaines is the boy’s mother.

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