Florida Woman Arrested After Her 7-Year-Old Was Shot By A Younger Sibling With Shotgun While She Slept

A Florida woman was arrested after her 7-year-old was shot by a younger sibling with a shotgun in their home.

Bay County Sheriff’s deputies said they were called to the home just before 2 a.m. and found the child bleeding on the bathroom floor.

The child was treated on the scene and then rushed to a local hospital.

Deputies said Kayla Tully, 32, was the child’s “caregiver.”

She said she left a 20-gauge shotgun leaning against the back door of the home when she went to the front door to see why her dog was barking. She then sat on the couch and dozed off, deputies wrote.

“She was awakened by another child telling her that the victim had been shot. Tully stated she did not hear the gunshot,” deputies added.

They also said the 7-year-old was shot by a younger sibling with the unattended gun while Tully slept. There were five children under the age of ten in the home when deputies responded.

Tully added she regularly kept a loaded firearm by the back door to the residence.

Tully is charged with cruelty toward child-aggravated abuse, child neglect, and unsafe storage of a firearm. She was taken to the Bay County Jail.

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