Florida Woman Arrested After Allegedly Biting Her Boyfriend Who Wouldn’t Share His Cigarettes

A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly biting her boyfriend who wouldn’t share his cigarettes.

Virginia Pauline Fischer, 27, of Wildwood, was arrested by Sumter County sheriff’s deputies on a charge of battery.

Her boyfriend told deputies that he and Fischer had been arguing and that “it is ongoing.” He said he was going to leave their home but was “waiting for the rain to stop.” He said he had a pack of cigarettes in his hand and Fischer wanted one. He refused to give her a cigarette.

The New York native was “angry” and took away his phone. She threw it and when he tried to retrieve the phone, she bit him on the arm. She then tackled him, pushing him down onto an air mattress. She attempted to bite him on the head, the report said.

When deputies arrived, he showed them a bite mark on his right forearm. Photographs were taken of the injury.

Fischer was booked at the Sumter County Detention Center where she was initially held without bond

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