Florida Woman Arrested For Driving Under The Influence Passed Out At Stop Light With Baby In Car

A Florida woman was arrested for driving under the influence with a baby in the car, officials said.

Officers with the Fort Myers Police Department responded to the intersection of Colonial Boulevard and Evans Avenue after someone reported that a woman had passed out behind the wheel.

Witnesses told deputies the woman was passed out at a stoplight for at least three light cycles. When deputies approached the vehicle they found the car was running and in drive, according to the arrest report.

Deputies reached through a partially opened window, unlocked the car, put it in park and pulled the keys out of the ignition before the woman woke up, and asked “what’s wrong?” deputies said.

Jessica Steele, 34, is facing multiple charges after failing field sobriety tests. She, reportedly, told deputies she was leaving IHOP and heading home before changing her story and saying she was going to her mom’s friends house.

Deputies also found a crack pipe on the floorboard of the driver’s seat, according to the arrest report.

The baby was turned over to Steele’s mother who arrived to pick up the child, deputies said.

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