Florida Woman Arrested And Charged With Exposure Of Sexual Organs After Her Neighbor Claims She Lifted Her Dress To Him During An Argument

A Florida woman was arrested and charged with exposure of sexual organs after her neighbor claims she lifted her dress and exposed herself to him during an argument.

On June 6 a victim reported he was outside of his home with a neighbor looking at some fish they had just caught, when he heard 54-year-old Theresa Moore state “you’re a c*** boy.” The victim says he screamed a profanity back at Moore, who then lifted her dress and stated, “suck me.” The victim claimed Moore was not wearing anything underneath and her body parts were visible, according to the sheriff’s report.

Moore claimed the victim had yelled obscenities at her and threatened to punch her. Moore denied exposing herself and stated “I have not exposed myself to anyone in nine years” according to the report.

Moore was arrested and transported to the Marion County Jail with a bond set at $500.

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