Florida Woman Arrested For Child Molestation And Pornography Charges From 2020 Investigation

A Florida woman faces charges of lewd or lascivious molestation of a child under 12 and promoting the sexual performance of a child.

The felony charges against Trinity Hannah Estevez, 20, of Tampa, stemmed from a 2020 investigation by Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

The deputies went to the Hillsborough County jail and retrieved Estevez using a Citrus County issued arrest warrant.

According to the warrant, the arresting deputy received a cybertip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The tip disclosed that someone was using an app to share and transmit child pornography.

According to the arrest warrant, the arresting deputy obtained a warrant for the suspect’s online account to trace where they lived.

In the heavily redacted warrant, the deputy reported that another person was arrested in the home and that the sheriff’s office also collected electronic equipment including Estevez’s cellphone.

On the phone the arresting deputy discovered child pornography and a sadomasochistic video involving the child victim. Materials in the video were also found in Estevez’s bedroom, according to the arrest warrant.

A second video also included the same child and Estevez engaging in a sexual act, according to arrest warrant. The child is shown also watching cartoons and the video shows it was recorded in Estevez’s bedroom, according to the arrest warrant. The GPS data also shows the videos were filmed at the Estevez home.

According to the arrest warrant, Estevez left for Tampa after the arrest of the other unnamed person associated with the case and the child being taken away from the home.

Citrus County deputies learned of Estevez being at the Hillsborough County jail and arrested her.

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