Florida Woman Arrested After She Struck Her Boyfriend In The Head With Two-Pound Weight Over WIFI Cancelation Argument

A Florida woman was arrested and charged with felony battery after she struck her boyfriend in the head with a two-pound weight.

According to the arrest affidavit, Natalie Caban, 27, became involved in an argument with her boyfriend after he discovered that she had canceled the WIFI service.

During the argument, the boyfriend called Caban a c*nt, at which time Caban grabbed a two-pound weight and slammed her boyfriend in the head with it.

Officials said that during the 911 call, they were told that the victim’s wound was bleeding uncontrollably.

According to reports, when police arrived, the victim was covered in blood due to a significant gash in his head.

During questioning, Caban told police that her boyfriend had slapped her first. However, police said that there were not any marks on the victim’s face. She later admitted to lying.

Caban was arrested and charged with Felony Battery. Additionally, she was charged with  Violation of Probation for Possession of Methamphetamine and Violation of Probation for Resisting an Officer in a previous arrest.

Caban is being held without bond. 

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