Florida Woman Arrested After She Was Caught With Counterfeit Temporary License Plate

A Florida woman was arrested after she was caught with what appeared to be a counterfeit temporary license plate.

Michellique Hansen, 21, of Leesburg was arrested on charges of fraud and failure to register a motor vehicle, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department.

She had been driving a blue Acura sedan which had a regular sheet of paper laminated with clear tape for the temporary tag. The number came back as being assigned to a four-door Chevrolet out of Fort Worth, Texas. Hansen claimed she purchase the vehicle at a dealership in Orlando from a sales agent named, “Peaches.” An officer contacted the dealership which had no record of a transaction.

The Virginia native was taken into custody and booked at the Lake County Jail. She was released after posting $2,500 bond.

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