Florida Woman Arrested For Grabbing A Woman By The Hair, Pulling Her Out Her Front Door And Kicking Her In The Stomach After Hearing She Was Pregnant

A Florida woman grabbed a woman by the hair, pulled her out her front door and kicked her in the stomach, Miramar police said, and then kicked her in the stomach again after hearing the woman is pregnant.

Shannon Tayaine Spence, 43, and Solanges Sha’cad Cadet, 19, went to the woman’s residence at SW 29th St., in Miramar around 1 p.m. on March 5 to retrieve some mail, according to the police report. Cadet used to live at the residence, the report said.

An argument began when the woman who answered the door said she didn’t know what Spence and Cadet were talking about but said she’d look for the mail. That’s when Spence and Cadet began to get loud and confrontational.

Around that time, a woman who was in the backyard heard the noise and went to the front door. According to the police report, Spence and Cadet reached inside the residence to grab the woman who had been in the backyard and pull her outside.

Spence then grabbed the woman who answered the door by the hair. When the woman fell to the ground outside, Spence started kicking her in the stomach, police said. When one woman began to yell the other woman was pregnant, Spence kicked her in the stomach again, police said.

The women were able to make their way back inside the residence, but Spence and Cadet tried to pull them outside.

When the woman who was kicked in the stomach called 911, Cadet spit in her face, police said, and then Spence and Cadet left.

Neither of the victims wanted to be identified, police said.

Spence was charged with aggravated battery and knowing or should have known the victim is pregnant, unarmed burglary of an occupied dwelling, and touch or strike/battery. Her bond was set at $17,500.

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