Florida Woman Arrested For Attacking Police Officer, Who Attemped To Break Up Group Fight

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the officer was checking on reports of car burglaries when someone told the officer they heard gunshots from a nearby bar. The report states that the officer got his rifle from his cruiser and went to investigate.

The officer, the reports says, found a group of eight people fighting in a roadway — two women in particular. Police said the officer tried to separate them, but was unsuccessful.

The Sheriff’s Office said the officer tried to detain one woman, identified by police as Jermisha Ramsey, and pulled his Taser. According to the report, the officer put the red pointer on her and told her to get to the ground, when an unidentified person stepped in front of Ramsey and attempted to keep the officer from arresting her.

The officer, police said, grabbed Ramsey’s wrist and brought her to the ground, where she was handcuffed and taken to a cruiser.

In the report, the arresting officer noted a cut to the leg and various bruises and scrapes.

Ramsey is charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and street fighting. The name of the person who tried to keep the officer from arresting Ramsey was redacted from the report.

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