Florida Woman Arrested On Child Neglect Charges After Child Living With Her Found Covered In Bug Bites In Home With No Electricity Or Running Water

A Florida woman is facing charges after deputies say a child living with her was found covered in bug bites in a home with no electricity or running water, an arrest report states.

Leslie Livingston, 30, is charged with child neglect and resisting arrest.

According to an arrest report, Okaloosa County deputies arrived at a home with the Department of Children and Families for a welfare check where they found multiple fire pits with copper, glass, and car parts that have been burned.

The dirt driveway was also covered with glass, screws and sharp objects scattered, deputies report.

Deputies say the home did not have any running water or electricity. They also describe the home to be cluttered and filthy, with a moldy smell. The kitchen sink contained a foot-high stack of opened can goods and food scraps.

The report adds the refrigerator had an unbearable smell of decomposition and had rotten contents with hundreds of maggots.

When asked the child last time he took a shower, he told deputies he didn’t take showers. The victim was described to have bug bites and flea bites on “every part of his body.” The child’s feet, legs and arms also had scabs and bruises.

When deputies asked him to open his mouth, he told them he could because it hurt, the report adds.

The sheriff’s office says Livingston refused to start a safety plan when DCF asked and became argumentative.

Livingston was arrested but during her arrest deputies say she kept refusing, leading deputies to carry her to the patrol car.

She was taken to Okaloosa County Jail but has since been released.

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