Florida Woman Arrested After Crashing Into Crosswalk Sign, Walking Away From Scene Then Wrapping Her Legs Around A Pole To Avoid Arrest

A Florida woman is facing multiple charges after crashing into a crosswalk sign and walking away from the scene.

Lynette Troutman, 25, was taken to the Collier County Jail after the incident.

The crash happened at the intersection of Goodlette Frank N and 14th Ave N.

A victim, who was a passenger at the time of the crash, told police that it was Troutman’s idea to leave the area of the crash.

Once making it to her home, the victim refused to allow Troutman to come inside with her. This prompted Troutman to become angry and hit the victim multiple times, steal her phone and take off.

Hours later, Troutman allegedly made a phone call to Naples police claiming the victim was the person responsible for the crash.

After officer’s reviewed surveillance video of the accident, that claim was proved false.

When officers arrived to arrest Troutman at a Naples 7-Eleven, Troutman resisted arrest by wrapping her legs around a pole near a gas pump.

Troutman faces a number of charges including; a hit and run with property damage, resisting arrest, battery and knowingly driving with a suspended license.

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