Florida Woman Arrested After Her Child’s Father, Who Has Full Custody, Claimed She Wouldn’t Return To Him After Mother’s Day Weekend

A Florida woman was arrested recently after a man claimed she wouldn’t return his child to him after Mother’s Day weekend.

The victim said he has full custody of the child and he and 29-year-old Jahaziah Hatten had agreed to make the exchange. The victim claimed when he knocked on the door, Hatten wouldn’t answer it, so he called 911, He said Hatten eventually opened the door and when he stepped inside, she became “irate and verbally aggressive” toward him, a sheriff’s office report states.

The victim said he started to call 911 a second time and Hatten grabbed his phone and began physically attacking him by pulling on his shirt and scratching his neck. He said he started striking Hatten in self-defense but she pushed him onto a bed and got on top of him, the report says.

Deputies observed blood on the victim’s neck from a scratch and reported that the top button of his white polo shirt had been ripped off.

Hatten told deputies that the victim got angry with her for keeping their child and attacked her. She said he struck her in the face and ripped pieces of her hair out, the report says, noting that deputies saw pieces of Hatten’s hair to be out of place but no injuries to her face.

After being placed under arrest, Hatten claimed he had an injury and stuck out her lower lip, which appeared to be slightly swollen.

She was then transported to the Marion County Jail, charged with domestic battery (second or subsequent offense) and released on $5,000 bond.

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