Florida Woman Arrested For Fighting Deputies After Being Kicked Out Of A Restaurant, Slipping Out Of Her Handcuffs While In Custody

A Florida woman was arrested for fighting off deputies after she was kicked out of a restaurant.

Shelby Colston, 37, was arrested on two counts of battery on law enforcement officers, disorderly conduct, and resisting officers with violence, according to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were dispatched to Blue Martini on Strada Place where two women were causing a disturbance that turned into a physical altercation. Collier County deputies said when they arrived on scene two women, including Colston, were leaving the restaurant.

Colston approached the deputy and started flailing her arms nearly hitting the deputy in the face, CCSO said. She charged at the deputy and pushed her body into their’s screaming at them.

The deputy grabbed her wrist, and she immediately started spinning in circles and tried to pull her arm away. The Collier County deputy said she grabbed their right hand and dug her nails in, breaking skin and causing the deputy to bleed.

Another deputy arrived on scene, and after a struggle Colston was placed in handcuffs and in the back of the deputy’s patrol car, according to CCSO. The security guard at Blue Martini said she and a friend were jumping on the backs of multiple patrons and were being excessively loud.

Colston got in their faces, screaming obscenities, and putting her finger up to the bouncers faces. Collier County deputies said she was asked to leave but refused to do so.

She was taken to Naples Jail Center where she continued to fight off multiple deputies and even slipped her handcuffs off.

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