Florida Woman Arrested For Falsely Reporting A Bomb Threat Because She Was Upset About Losing Money On Casino Slot Machines

Police in Clearwater say a woman who was upset about losing money on slot machines at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino later called the casino and falsely reported a bomb.

Police arrested 54-year-old Adele Belizaire after they say the phone call was traced to a motel in Clearwater.

According to a Pinellas County arrest affidavit, Belizaire called the casino on her cell phone from the Seaside Inn and Suites around 9:30. Police say she told them, “I left a bomb in your casino.”

Staff members from the casino then contacted the Clearwater Police Department to let them know about the call. The affidavit says Belizaire is part of the casino’s “player’s club” program. The call was traced back to Clearwater with help from the Seminole Police Department.

During an interview with officers, Belizaire admitted she was at the casino and lost about $380 dollars on slot machines. Police say she told them she got upset and has anger issues and admitted to calling about a bomb.

Belizaire added that she made the call to “blow off steam,” according to the affidavit. Police say she told them she didn’t have any way to place a bomb at the casino and that she just wanted to make the threat.

Belizaire was arrested on a felony charge of making a false report about a bomb. Officers who filled out the affidavit noted that Belizaire has two “active non-extraditable warrants for terroristic ‘bomb threats.’”

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