Florida Woman Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Her Man Friend While He Attempted To Take A Laptop And Leave Their Residence

A Florida woman was arrested recently after her man friend reported being attacked while attempting to take a laptop and leave their residence.

The victim claimed he and 22-year-old Elaine I. Rey had a “highly verbal altercation” and she told him to leave their residence. The victim said while he was gathering his things, he grabbed a computer he believed to be his and Rey said it didn’t belong to him. He said Rey then started pushing and kicking him, a sheriff’s office report states.

Rey claimed that during the argument she accidently threw the victim’s phone and he took her mother’s laptop off the bed. She said she was scared the victim would break the laptop so she pushed him onto the bed, which she said she knew she shouldn’t have done, the report says.

After being read her rights, Rey refused to speak further with deputies and was placed under arrest. She was then transported to the Marion County Jail and charged with domestic battery. She was released on $250 bond.

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