Florida Woman Jailed For Child Abuse, Report Says The Child Said Woman Told Him To Keep Injuries A Secret

A Florida woman was jailed recently after a child showed up at an elementary school with multiple visible injuries, one of which was a cut on his neck that he said came from “mommy” accidentally pinching him.

Ocala Police officers responded to Oakcrest Elementary School on N.E. 28th Street and made contact with the student. Officers reported that he had a large abrasion across his throat, a small scratch behind his right ear, reddened marks on his right wrist, bruising and swollen cuts across his left thigh and similar bruising without cuts across his right leg, a police report states.

Officers also observed excessive bruising on the boy’s left arm that was inside of an outlined imprint spreading from above his elbow down to his wrist that appeared to possibly be from the end of a belt or strap. When asked where the injuries came from, the boy claimed he received them when he fell down at a park and then said his mother had accidentally pinched him on the neck, the report says.

Officers and a representative from the Florida Department of Children and Families then spoke with 28-year-old Tereancia L. Walker, who said she lived with her girlfriend and the boy. The report never spells out the exact relationship between Walker and the child.

Walker told officers that she had physically disciplined the child on the night of May 3. She said she grabbed him by his shirt collar and spanked him on his buttocks with a belt. She said she scratched his neck when she grabbed his collar but despite the visibility of the bruises on the child’s arm, Walker said she never saw any injuries, the report says.

The child was taken by DCF to Kimberly’s Center for Child Protection for a medical examination, where a nurse said his injuries were representative of child abuse. She added that the marks on his legs were looped-shaped and reminiscent of a belt, the report says, adding that the child said Walker told him to keep it a secret about the injuries on his leg and they threatened to “put him in his room for a long, long time” if he told anyone, according to the report.

Walker was placed under arrest and transported to the Marion County Jail, where she was charged with domestic child abuse. She was released on $2,000 bond.

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