Florida Woman Arrested After She Laid Down In Front Of An 18-Wheeler With Her 18-Month-Old Child In Her Lap Because Of Dispute With Moving Company

Authorities arrested a Florida woman after she laid down in front of an 18-wheeler with an 18-month-old child in her lap.

Deputies put Angel Marie Button, 30, in handcuffs, according to the Polk County Sheriff Office’s press release.

She and her husband were in a dispute with a moving company at the time.

They tried to pay the company with a certified check but the moving company wouldn’t accept it.

Button refused to let the movers leave when she laid down in front of the wheels of the moving truck with her child in her lap, the press release said.

She also pinched the baby to make her cry, deputies said.

Once deputies were able to remove Button from under the tractor-trailer, the child was safely taken from her.

When deputies attempted to secure Button, she resisted and placed herself in front of the semi and yelled, “I’m not going anywhere.”

Button is facing charges of child abuse, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. The former is a felony while the latter two charges are misdemeanors.

Deputies arrested her and took her to the Polk County Jail where she is being held with no bond.

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