Florida Woman Arrested For Damaging Her Boyfriend’s Work Truck With Rollerblade

It started out as an argument between boyfriend and girlfriend but then things escalated.

A witness said that Kristina Donis took a rollerblade to damage her boyfriend’s work truck. 

But she didn’t stop there. When she tried to flee the scene, Donis hit another person’s car.

Neighbors woke the man up from his slumber. He walked outside to his car that needed thousands of dollars of repairs.

His car was in better shape than Donis’ boyfriend’s Xfinity work truck. 

The windshield was destroyed and a side window was gone entirely. 

All of the damage done with a rollerblade. 

It’s after Donis took her anger out on the truck and was trying to leave that she hit the car sitting in the parking lot. 

After getting into it again, Donis wasn’t sticking around. 

Deputies found her a short while later at her home. She was taken to the Charlotte County Jail where she got to spend the night. 

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