Florida Woman Arrested After She Punched Bloodied Man Friend In The Face Because She Believed He Poured Sugar In Her Gas Tank

A Florida woman found herself behind bars recently after a bloodied victim claimed she punched him in the face because she believed he poured sugar in her gas tank.

The victim said he received an accusatory text from 27-year-old Christina Lee Villarreal. He said she confronted him later that same day when he arrived at his residence and started punching him in the face. He said Villarreal also tried to grab his cell phone as he was attempting to call 911 for help, a Marion County Sheriff’s Office report states, adding that the victim displayed swelling and redness to his cheek and a bleeding bottom lip, according to the report.

Deputies made contact with Villarreal and after being read her rights, she claimed she was confronting the victim because he poured sugar in her gas tank. She said they had a verbal altercation and admitted to trying to take the victim’s phone away from him when he attempted to call 911. She also claimed the victim hit her in the check with his cell phone and she didn’t strike him until after he hit her, the report says.

She was then placed under arrest and transported to the Marion County Jail, where she was charged with domestic battery (second or subsequent offense). She was released on $2,000 bond.

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