Florida Woman Arrested For Resisting A Deputy’s Commands To Leave Local School And Striking Him With Her Vehicle And Her Feet, While Intoxicated And With A Child In Tow

A Florida woman was arrested for resisting a deputy’s commands to leave a local school and striking the lawman with her vehicle and her feet — all while intoxicated and with a child in tow.

Michelle Ashley Babcock, 32, was booked into the Citrus County Detention Facility on charges of resisting a law enforcement officer with violence, aggravated battery of a law officer, battery of a law officer, child neglect without great bodily harm and DUI.

Babcock was jailed without bond for child neglect alongside a total $21,000 bond for her other charges.

According to Babcock’s arrest report, a Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputy was standing at the entrance of Citrus Springs Elementary School at around 1 p.m., when Babcock approached the building, “screaming profanities and behaving belligerently.”

As the deputy is considered a victim in the incident, under Florida’s Marsy’s Law, their identity was redacted from Babcock’s arrest report.

Sharen Lowe, the school’s principal, asked the deputy to remove Babcock, and the deputy escorted Babcock back to her vehicle while she continued to yell vulgarities and insults, according to her arrest report.

Lowe then asked the deputy through the school radio to trespass Babcock from the campus. When the deputy asked for her identification, Babcock kept yelling at the deputy, who noticed “a strong odor” of alcohol coming from Babcock.

According to Babcock’s arrest, the deputy also spotted a child in the backseat of Babcock’s vehicle.

When the deputy asked her to exit the vehicle, Babcock refused, shifted her vehicle into drive, and accelerated while turning the steering wheel toward the deputy, who was then struck by the vehicle, knocking them back “several feet” before the vehicle came to a stop.

According to her arrest report, Babcock kicked the deputy several times in their groin when the deputy opened Babcock’s vehicle door and ordered her to exit, before removing and handcuffing her.

After Babcock arrived at the county jail, according to her arrest report, she rejected to take a Breathalyzer test by refusing to leave her cell and cooperate with corrections officers.

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