Florida Woman Arrested After Her Man Friend Said She Ripped Up His Stimulus Check, For Not Giving Her Any Money, And Throwing Tray Of Cupcakes In His Face

A Florida woman was arrested recently after her man friend said she ripped up his stimulus check and threw a tray of cupcakes at him.

Marion County sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence on S.W. 64th Lane Road and when they arrived, they observed what appeared to be a tray of cupcakes that had been thrown and red cake and frosting on the left side of the victim’s face. The victim said he and 32-year-old Brittany Renae Neasman had been arguing over him not paying her money, a sheriff’s office report states.

Neasman’s daughter confirmed that her mother threw the cupcakes but said she didn’t think he was aiming at the victim, the report says.

After being read her rights, Neasman admitted throwing the cupcakes out of anger. She claimed the victim “keeps destroying the house and her vehicle,” the report says.

Neasman was placed under arrest and transported to the Marion Couty Jail, where she was charged with simple domestic. battery. She was released on $250 bond.

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